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The Huffington Post

37 Truths About Life

We spend way too much of our lives looking for outside validation and approval that eludes us. Turns out, it's been an inside job all along. Go inward.......

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Networking with Purpose: Powerful Women Working Together

After a full day of inspiring keynotes and insightful breakout sessions at the 2015 Inc 5000 conference, female business owners in attendance were invited to a Women's Networking with Purpose event hosted by Chase for Business.

Many chose to network the old fashioned way, floating around the room and making new friends with an outstretched hand and a smile. And some, interested in engaging on specific subjects, participated in discussions on topics like managing a board, cultivating great people, cracking the code on capital and moving women to the front of the workplace.

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The Huffington Post

The Power of Owning Your Story

This time around, as I write my brave new ending and build new businesses that are more aligned with my purpose, I’ve decided to re-define success. It matters not how many zeroes are in the revenue numbers on the balance sheet at the end of the day. Instead, it matters how many hearts are touched, how many lives are changed, and how much creative fire flows.

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The Huffington Post

12 Habits Of Happy And Calm People

Remember that life is a journey, not a destination. Once you think you have it all figured out, you cut off your capacity to make mistakes, discover new horizons and become an even better version of your already awesome self. Be the student. Be the b......

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How to Stop Feeling Inadequate and Embrace Your Imperfect Self

Embrace your imperfect self, celebrate your authenticity, and give vulnerability and acceptance a try. Here's how....

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Leaving the Family Business to Follow a Dream - Education Reporter

Leaving the Family Business to Follow a Dream - Edu...

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How to Stay Zen While Acheiving Your Goals

When people hear the title of my forthcoming book, Type-A Zen, they usually have one of two reactions: It’s either, “I love that concept! That is… - See more at:

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The Huffington Post

Teaching Children Meditation and Mindfulness

While mindfulness is catching on and currently being taught in a handful of schools across the country, it is largely up to the parents to teach this powerful tool....

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5 High Growth CEOs Share Management Secrets

The annual Inc. 5000 conference is an event sponsored by Chase For BusinessSM . The conference honors entrepreneurs who made the list of America's fastest growing private companies, and is a place where they can come together to share lessons and tips they've learned along the way. Chase For BusinessSM asked some of this year's honorees to share some of that insight, focusing on what they wished they had known when they started their businesses. Here are some of their responses.

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How to Get More Done on Airplane Mode

How to Get More Done on Airplane Mode

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The Huffington Post

11 Toxic Behaviors That Will Steal Your Joy (And How to Move Past ...

11 Toxic Behaviors That Will Steal Your Joy (And Ho...

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The Huffington Post

How To Overcome 7 Big Blocks To Success

Everybody has a dream in their heart. They stem from our unique gifts, which are part of our higher purpose here on this earth to share with the world. When the life we're living is not in alignment with this calling, it can result in feeling less t......

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The Secret to Making Amazing Shifts Happen

It's easy to get stuck in our daily routines, comfy and familiar to us like a favorite warm and worn blankie. But by pushing through our resistance to change and allowing ourselves to explore outside of our comfort zone, we can create the energy and space for some pretty amazing things to happen.

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“Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences Instead of Things"

There is age old question: Can money buy happiness? We do know that is can certainly ensure that all of our basic needs are being met. That’s something to be happy about. But, how can you get the most happiness out of your money? Perhaps the better question should be: How should one spend their money in order to be happy?

How to Write an Income Statement

How to Write an Income Statement